Webquests in the Latin Classroom

Description:¬†One of the biggest challenges for any Latin teacher is finding a way to make a “dead” language come back to life. One of these ways, I believe, is by creating activities that allow students to compare and contrast their lives to those of the ancient Romans. I am interested in looking into various webquests already available, and/or websites with information available to enable a teacher to set up his/her own webquests with ease. Such webquests allow students to, e.g., explore the Roman Forum and compare its structures to those found in a modern city center. I will specifically focus on how using webquests can close the cultural gap between the past and present for Latin students. (Author provided abstract)

Resource Note: Module about integrating webquests and new media into the teaching of a ‘dead’ language. References and downloads for creating these modules are included.

Subject / Curriculum Note: Interesting piece on Latin education pedagogy.

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