Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning, and research resources released under an open license that permits their free use and repurposing by others. OER can be full courses, course materials, lesson plans, open textbooks, learning objects, videos, games, tests, software, or any other tool, material, or technique that supports access to knowledge.”

-SPARC Definition of Open Educational Resources

No one can argue that textbooks are expensive. Exorbitantly expensive, even. In the last 45 years, the cost of textbooks has increased at FIFTEEN TIMES the rate of inflation. At Butler University Libraries, we intend to combat these creeping costs and take advantage of the many opportunities offered by a digital distribution model. The quantity of open textbooks and other educational materials has positively exploded in the last ten years, but with such a rapid increase comes concerns about quality and/or applicability in institutions of higher education.

We want to make it as easy as possible to find and adopt relevant open educational resources from the universe of content now available on the web. When you click “Select” in the menu above, you’ll find comprehensive information about the audience, subject, and quality of over fifty different resources developed by education professionals all over the world.

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